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Home Connections:

Grade 1-5 students have access to DreamBox at home and school. This online adaptive program helps students achieve math proficiency. We encourage all students to build in some time at home each week to work on DreamBox.

On a weekly basis, students are expected to access DreamBox at home for a minimum of 20 minutes per week.  It is recommend that students access the program in 20 minute blocks to ensure the data collected properly.  It should also be noted that students do NOT get credit when simply closing an activity and may be required to restart it during their next time on.

For information about the benefits of DreamBox, click here.

To access DreamBox on your home computer, visit (or use the link in the "websites" tab).  You can also download the app for DreamBox math onto your ipad using the school code 'z3vf/ewfps'.